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(888) 909-2415 Terre Haute, IN
(888) 909-2415 Terre Haute, IN

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When you choose treatment at Anabranch Recovery Center, you are choosing the highest quality care available. You are in excellent hands.


At Anabranch Recovery Center, you will find a judgment-free environment, where you will experience true understanding of where you are.


Recovery is a process, and our drug and alcohol addiction treatment program has been designed with your long-term success in mind.

How We Help

When a person is struggling with drugs or alcohol, it can seem like there are no good solutions to the problem. That sense of hopelessness can be particularly strong if you are trying to battle Drug and Alcohol Addiction, also called substance use disorder, on your own.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. Instead, Anabranch Recovery Center offers an evidence-based, personalized, compassionate approach to the treatment of substance use disorders. We can help you reclaim your sobriety—and your life—via our detoxification and rehabilitation programs as well as our commitment to a continuum of care.

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