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(888) 909-2415 Terre Haute, IN
(888) 909-2415 Terre Haute, IN

In-Person Intensive Outpatient Program (In-Person IOP)

In-Person Intensive Outpatient Program

IOP Program Requirements

Requirements of this program include:

  1. In this program, 1:1 sessions are required weekly.
  2. Patients must attend at least 2 12-step meetings a week.
  3. Patients will be required to do an Autobiography with the group.
  4. Patients will be required to do weekly breathalyzer and urinalysis.

In-Person Intensive Outpatient Program (In-Person IOP) Can Be Your Route to Recovery

Indiana residents can now participate in an in-person intensive outpatient program at Anabranch Recovery Center. Anabranch’s in-person intensive outpatient rehab therapy services are available to individuals who need more care than is available in traditional outpatient rehab.

Anabranch’s in-person intensive outpatient program (in-person IOP) provides a comprehensive and integrative treatment approach including group therapies, individual counseling, psychoeducation (educating individuals on their condition and how to effectively manage it), medication management, and psychiatric care.

Participate in day therapy and spend your nights in the comfort of your own home.  

The in-person IOP is held at 4001 Wabash Ave #4 Terre Haute, IN 47803 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. The IOP is 6-12 weeks depending on the patient’s readiness. The treatment program will include: Relapse Prevention, Addiction Education, CBT, ACT, DBT, REBT, Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga and Life Skills. 

We accept most major insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid for in-person IOP. No presumptive or Medicare; all Medicaid except MDwise; Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield; Cigna.

Please contact us at (888) 909-2415 for more information.

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