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(888) 909-2415 Terre Haute, IN
(888) 909-2415 Terre Haute, IN


At Anabranch Recovery, we believe its important to become involved in a rehab alumni program after completing addiction treatment.

Charlie Cox

Alumni Coordinator Anabranch Recovery Center


My name is Charlie Cox, and I’m the Alumni Coordinator at Anabranch Recovery Center.

Since finding recovery myself, I have dedicated my time and energy to helping those who are still suffering to find sobriety through impactful education and meaningful connections.  Most literature related to addiction mentions that nothing ensures long lasting sobriety more than helping and connecting to those around us. These are the types of philosophies we try to encourage!

At Anabranch Recovery, we provide all of our graduates with the opportunity to join the Alumni Program, which affords graduates with the ability to further their recovery by building a network of lasting friendships to make sure that support is always available.

We keep our alumni members engaged with enough recreational opportunities to last a lifetime!!