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(888) 909-2415 Terre Haute, IN
(888) 909-2415 Terre Haute, IN

Treatment During Pregnancy

Treatment During Pregnancy

Anabranch Recovery Center offers prenatal-centric programming specifically designed to help expectant mothers create a new lifestyle for themselves and their baby. Treatment begins with comprehensive baby- and mother-safe detox, followed by our 28-day residential treatment program.

Prenatal-centric Programming

Our specialized programs includes:

  • Comprehensive, safe medical detox
  • A 28-day residential inpatient treatment program
  • Convenient transportation to and from local OB/GYN appointments
  • Postpartum relapse prevention support
  • Anger management and emotional regulation resources
  • Essential skills for fostering healthy parenting
  • Guidance on self-awareness and acceptance
  • Techniques for overcoming codependency
  • Strategies for effective medication management
  • Personalized one-on-one parenting skills development


Following treatment, we work with community partners and sober living centers to help set up aftercare services. We accept mothers up to 30 weeks in their pregnancy, and work on a case-by-case basis in the later stages. As with all programming at Anabranch, our prenatal programming consists of empirically supported practices that ensure our clients are given the best opportunities for success possible.

Help Is Available for You and Your Child At Anabranch Recovery

At Anabranch Recovery Center, we are dedicated to providing unwavering support for both you and your child. Allow us to assist you in navigating towards the life that you and your baby rightfully deserve.