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Enjoy These Six Books on Mindfulness to Help Your Recovery

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Being in recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction is a commitment to yourself that you have to reaffirm every day. The more coping tools and skills you have, the better your chances of maintaining sobriety. One essential skill is mindfulness, which involves being fully immersed, without judgment or anxiety, in each moment.

Mindfulness in recovery is the topic of many excellent books. Some books provide helpful techniques or useful tips. Others explore the benefits of mindfulness and how it has helped others on the addiction recovery journey. We offer six interesting and informative books on mindfulness for you to enjoy.

Mindfulness for Beginners: Reclaiming the Present Moment—and Your Life by Jon Kabat-Zin

Scientist, teacher, and clinician Jon Kabat-Zin was the first person to demonstrate the benefits of mindfulness within Western medicine. This book is a collection of exercises and reflections to help beginners approach the practice of mindfulness. Kabat-Zin provides an engaging book that both beginners and advanced meditators will enjoy.

The Miracle of Mindfulness: An Introduction to the Practice of Meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh

A Vietnamese Thiền Buddhist monk, Thích Nhất Hạnh was a peace activist, author, teacher, and poet. He founded the Plum Village Tradition and is known as the father of mindfulness. In this book, Thích Nhất Hạnh encourages people to practice mindfulness in everything they do, not just when they meditate. Whether you are peeling an orange, washing dishes, or taking a walk, every moment gives you a chance to move toward greater peacefulness and self-understanding.

Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement for Addiction, Stress, and Pain by Eric L. Garland

Garland explores the conditions that underlie addiction. The book focuses on helping people in recovery find a sense of fulfillment and meaning each day. Garland encourages readers to face whatever pain and pleasures the day brings without turning to drugs or alcohol as a way of coping. Mindfulness can be cultivated through training and intentional effort. The book includes chapters on mindfulness, addiction research, and positive psychology.

The Headspace Guide to Mindfulness & Meditation by Andy Puddicombe

A former Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe is the founder of Headspace and the most prominent mindfulness expert in the United Kingdom. In this book, Puddicombe writes about many of the topics he covers in the Headspace app. He believes that people can reach a level of fulfillment and calm by practicing mindfulness for ten minutes a day. He provides simple yet powerful meditation techniques that have a positive effect on all areas of mental and physical health.

A Cup of Mindfulness: For the Busy & Restless by Dr. Lisa Belanger

Dr. Belanger explains that mindfulness can become a part of everyone’s life regardless of how busy their schedule is. She shows readers that fitting a new habit around your existing routines is the easiest way to add it to your life. Belanger bases her arguments on scientific research and approaches her topic with humor. She describes how practicing mindfulness a few minutes a day helps people relieve stress, refocus, and recharge simply by making small changes in daily routines such as driving to work or drinking coffee.

The Proactive Twelve Steps for Mindful Recovery by Serge Prengel

Prengel describes how people can take a proactive approach to their life. He outlines a healing path readers can follow to make lasting positive changes and enjoy a happier, balanced life. The steps he uses were inspired by the original 12-Step program, with each step rewritten to encourage a process of mindful growth. Based on scientific knowledge of trauma and stress, the book offers a self-directed process of simplifying our lives.

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