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Holiday Gift Ideas for Those in Recovery

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Are you stuck on a holiday gift idea for someone special who is in recovery from addiction? You may hope to get them something meaningful that shows your support of their journey. In this week’s post, we offer our favorite gift ideas to consider this holiday season that can let the sober person in your life know you encourage their journey.

Ten Holiday Gift Ideas

Just because someone is sober doesn’t mean finding the perfect holiday gift needs to be complicated. You may want to consider the type of relationship you have with them, what interests they may have, who they are, and what kind of sentiment you want to convey with your gift. Here are ten ideas:

  1. Inspirational Jewelry. A piece of jewelry such as a necklace or bracelet engraved with a message, or the date of your loved one’s sobriety can show how much you care about them and recognize their recovery. If wearing jewelry is not their thing, you can give them a sobriety keychain that has a special message or saying on it.
  2. Journal. A journal is a simple gift idea that is ideal for anyone. Journaling is a great tool to use while in recovery, and a blank book makes a great gift that will surely be used throughout the year. To complement the journal, include a quality pen or colored pencils.
  3. Book. Who doesn’t love a good book? There are many book options to consider, from motivational books to ones that match your loved one’s hobbies or interests. If you are in doubt as to what book to give, purchase a gift card to a local bookstore and let them choose something they will enjoy.
  4. Self-care. Those who are in recovery may have neglected to take care of themselves while active in their addiction. Now that they are sober, maybe they can use a little pampering to let them know how much you care. Make them feel special this holiday season with a gift of self-care, such as a certificate to a spa, hair salon, or nail salon. You can also consider making a gift basket filled with goodies such as candles, soaps, lotions, face masks, and bath bombs.
  5. Framed Photo. Frame a photo that you have of you both or of a special place you both have visited. Each time they look at the picture, they will be reminded of how much you care and support their sobriety.
  6. Experience. If you do not want to give a material-type gift, an experience that you can share together makes for a great holiday gift. Tickets to a movie, concert, art exhibit, or even planning a trip to take together will not only surprise them but will give them something to look forward to.
  7. Blanket. Nothing can be cozier this holiday season than snuggling in a new blanket. There are many types of blankets to choose from, such as a weighted blanket that can help reduce anxiety to heated blankets that can keep them warm on a cold winter night.
  8. Gourmet Treats. Satisfy their sweet tooth with a basket of specialty treats. You can include anything from gourmet chocolates, hard candies, or freshly baked holiday cookies.
  9. Recovery Mug. You can find a variety of sober mugs with inspirational sayings or funny messages written on them. Pair a mug with a selection of specialty teas and honey for a gift that is sure to be enjoyed during the holiday.
  10. Art. An inspirational piece of art to display in the home can keep your loved one focused on their recovery. Find something that will not only match their personal style but will express a message of encouragement and inspiration.

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